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The Heart, Lungs and Vascular Service Line at the Naimat Begum Hamdard University Hospital offers the most advanced and comprehensive cardiac, pulmonary and vascular care across the country.

Our team of Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons, Cardiac Nurses and Imaging Technicians, work together to deliver specialized and individualized care for our patients suffering from heart disease and disorders. Our cardiac services offer a full range of primary prevention, diagnostic (laboratory testing, clinical imaging, cardiopulmonary) to interventional (angiograph, angiogram), surgical (coronary artery bypass graft, also known as CABG) and rehabilitation options. This is the largest centre of its kind in the region, helping in the better diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases.The Naimat Begum Hamdard University Hospital has multiple specialties all under one roof. This enables our doctors in the Heart, Lungs and Vascular service line to work closely with doctors from other service lines in the hospital and ensure our patients receive a holistic health treatment approach

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Hamdard Hospital has been serving patients in healthcare facilities and institutions for more than 13 Years.

What People Say About Us

Shaheed Hakim Mohammad Said sincerely took up the task of serving Pakistan with all his resources, including the provision of medical facilities and hygiene guidance, especially facilities for women and children.

In the densely populated middle class area of ​​Nazimabad-3, the Naimat Begum Hamdard University Hospital was set up to serve the same purpose, providing services only for maternal and child health care. The range of services has been widened. Naimat Begum, Maternal and Child Center has achieved the status of Naimat Begum General Hospital since July 2019. Expert doctors, renowned surgeons, are providing services to the public without any discrimination using the latest diagnostic tools and methods.

Around 21 General and special diseases such as gynecology, pediatrics, bones, joint problems, emdoscopy, intestinal and gastrointestinal diseases, treatment of heart diseases, brain diseases, psychological complications, etc. 24 hours are provided for sub-diseases arising out of these diseases. Surgery with the help of MRI, ultrasound, ultrasound also for diagnosis of diseases.

Angiography for heart disease, angioplasty, heart ultrasound echo, EEB for nerves, radiology of veins, state-of-the-art equipment and methods used for timely diagnosis of disease and successful recovery efforts.

The hospital is equipped with 250 comfortable beds and basic necessities to keep the patients under treatment. The 24/7 emergency department works for outpatients (OPD) from Monday to Saturday morning. Services are provided from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. There is also an online net viewing service, and an ambulance service to pick up and drop off patients

Naimat Begum Hamdard University Hospital is certainly one of the prominent hospitals in its vicinity.

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